Dasher + Fisher Mountain Gin 700ml

Dasher + Fisher Mountain Gin 700ml

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Distillery: Southern Wild
Region: Devonport
Botanicals: 11 including local Tasmanian pepperberry,wakame and lavender
Still: 1100L copper still handmade in Tasmania by Stillsmiths
Method: Copper pot distillation
Base: Highest grade spirit, derived from wine grapes
Proof : 90 Proof (45% ABV)
Water: North-west Tasmania’s finest, originating from the snowmelt of Cradle Mountain and delivered via the Dasher and Fisher rivers

A smooth, flavoursome, classic gin in a London Dry style with primary notes of mountain-scented and woody juniper, Tasmanian pepperberries, coriander seed, cardamom, and apricot kernel.

Food Matches: Saffron, flathead, abalone, venison
G+T Garnish: Sprig of fresh lavender

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