Belgrove Aged Rye 250ml

Belgrove Aged Rye 250ml

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Colour :red gold, copper

Nose :creamy and buttery, ripe tropical fruits like passion fruit and durian, grainy, fresh dough, sultanas, soft Xmas spices, jelly beans and icing for cakes, a little bit floral

Pallet :grainy and malty, slightly peppery, green wood, milk chocolate and vanilla, spicy with a creamy texture, almonds, green walnuts and wet hey

Feel :warming, spicy, creamy texture, salivating, quite long and intense with grainy attitudes

Drink this Rye Whisky neat! No ice, no water, no mixers! You’ll be surprised how soft and tasty it is!
The relationship to the un-aged rye cannot be ignored!

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